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    Are dental implants worth the cost?

    Dental implants are often recommended to patients as the ideal solution for missing teeth. This is because they look, feel and function just like natural teeth. The implants themselves are threaded titanium posts that are placed into your jawbone to serve as anchors for your replacement teeth. Because they are a bit more expensive than other replacement teeth solutions such as dentures, it’s natural to wonder: Are dental implants really worth it? If you’re weighing whether or not to get a dental implant, here are a few factors to consider with your decision.

    Short-Term vs. Long-Term Solution

    One factor to evaluate when considering whether dental implants are right for you is longevity. Fixed bridges and dentures last about seven to 15 years before they need to be replaced. Dental implants, on the other hand, provide a true long-term solution for missing teeth with proper care and maintenance. The restoration (replacement tooth) that gets attached to your dental implants — such as crowns — generally lasts about 15 years. 

    While the cost factors may seem daunting, it is important to note that as a true long-term answer for missing teeth, dental implants offer incredible value as a potentially lifelong solution. These teeth will never get cavities, can be brushed and flossed like real teeth and, when cared for properly, can last for many years. 


    Dentures require regular cleaning and care, which includes removing them and soaking them in a special solution. They may also need to be checked and adjusted periodically by a dentist to ensure they still fit well in your mouth, which can incur additional cost. In comparison, dental implants are relatively low-maintenance. They do not need to be removed and placed in special cleaning solutions — and they’ll never get cavities! However, they should still be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth to help protect against gum disease and bone loss. 

    Jaw Bone Loss

    Natural teeth play an important role in preserving your facial structure. When teeth are missing, the bone in your jaw begins to deteriorate over time, which can lead to changes in your facial appearance. One important benefit of dental implants is they help to preserve your jawbone and facial structure by stimulating the natural bone beneath it. Other teeth replacement options like dentures do not have the same benefit of preventing bone loss. If too much bone has already been lost before the implant has been placed, a bone graft may be required first.

    Explore Your Options

    In conclusion, while dental implants are a bit more expensive than other tooth replacement options, there are several benefits that may make them worth the investment, particularly for the long term. To help make them more affordable, our practices offer third-party financing and accepts multiple payment methods that can adapt to your needs and budget. If you are missing one or more teeth, talk with your general dentist or schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to see whether dental implants are the right treatment option for you.