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    Why Summer Is the Best Time To Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

    Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a very common procedure to have done, especially for those in their late teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the teeth found at the very back of your mouth. You may not even see them, because oftentimes they haven’t erupted yet. When they do begin to erupt, they may not have enough room. This can lead to painful symptoms, including tender gums, jaw pain, bleeding gums, and difficulty opening your mouth. 

    Typically, your general dentist will recommend having your wisdom teeth removed before these symptoms begin,  and will refer you to an oral surgeon at one of our practices to prevent you from having to experience them. Given the recovery time for surgery, it may be difficult to find a time during the year to schedule the procedure. This is why the Summer time is a popular time for scheduling wisdom teeth surgeries. 

    Taking Advantage of Summer Break 

    The typical age for wisdom tooth removal is early twenties, during which a lot of patients are attending school. For these students, with the month of May comes summer break. Being home from school makes for the perfect opportunity to schedule your wisdom teeth surgery. Recovery can take anywhere from four days to two weeks, meaning you’ll be glued to the couch for a while.

    What To Expect During Recovery

    During recovery, you are only able to eat soft foods like mashed potatoes and applesauce, and you may need to take antibiotics. In addition, keeping the areas clean is crucial to prevent any infection from forming. Resting and staying off your feet is the most important, because going back to regular life too soon can put you at risk for things such as dry socket, which happens when a blood clot dislodges or doesn’t form at all. Dry sockets can delay the healing process and cause you to be couch ridden for longer than necessary. 

    Overall, in order to properly heal from your surgery, it’s important to follow all post-op instructions given by your surgeon. It’s also just as important to give yourself enough time to recover! Being home for summer break is the perfect opportunity to schedule your surgery, camp out on the couch for the next two weeks while you recover, and eat all the mashed potatoes you can until you can’t stand them anymore!

    If you suspect your wisdom teeth are causing you problems, please contact your general dentist for a referral to our office or schedule a consultation directly with one of our offices here.